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Here you can read about our frequently asked questions.

Prices 2024

  • Yamaha FS1 4 gears
    Price: NOK 495
  • Scooter without gear
    Price: NOK 495
  • Authentic experience on a genuine Yamaha FS1 or other iconic moped.
  • Guided tour in National Park Mols Bjerge.
  • The trip includes a beer or water.
  • If you have ridden a moped in the 60s, 70s or 80s, you will have a very special experience here, as you will be transported back in time to when you were young.

The crackle was a symbol of our youth, it was freedom and happy days, yes it was the coolest of the coolest. We had no problems, we knew no stress.

The knallerten was every young person’s dream, and most of them had one, we used it for school, for football, for the cinema, for the barbeque, for hall balls, for the pub, for the holidays, yes, everywhere.

We competed to see who could make it go the fastest. It was cool and we were cool.

We had no computer, iPhone or Playstation, but we had our moped.

If you book a trip with Mopedtours, I promise you that you will be 15 years old again.

Knallerten is legally insured.

We advise you to check your own insurance regarding coverage of the driver.

Yes, it is possible to participate. has iconic mopeds without gears that can be booked.

It is a bit challenging to participate on the Yamaha fs1 if you have never ridden a moped with gears, but it can be done if the others in the group have a little patience.

In the 2023 season, we have had many customers who have never ridden a moped with gears.

But 99% of those who have never ridden with gears have been on the trip and had an experience they won’t soon forget.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that at the moment, see news.

Dress according to the weather.

No high heels. 🙂

We provide helmets.

  • Anyone with a moped driver’s license or regular driver’s license.
  • Young people between 15 and 20 years old, only according to person over 24 years old.
  • If you turned 18 before 19 January 2013, you can drive without a driving licence.
  • Identification must be presented prior to rental.

We offer guided tours between April and October. See the calendar for exact dates.

Guided tour in National Park Mols Bjerge starts and ends from Godthåbsvej 4, 8400 Ebeltoft.

Guided tour in Favrskov Municipality starts and ends at the corner of Kragelundvej and Pøtmøllevej, 8450 Hammel. (at Pøtmølle, Frijsenborg Slotskro)

Yes, in the event of non-registration. Minimum four people.

Yes, In case of extremely bad weather or illness.

In that case, you will be contacted by telephone as early as possible, alternatively by email.

You can get:

Yes, if Moped Tours cancels due to bad weather or illness.

The entire amount refunded if you cancel at least 30 days before.

Half of the amount refunded if canceled at least 14 days before.

The entire amount refunded if the moped breaks down without the possibility of on-site repair.

Guided tour in National Park Mols Bjerge.

Rental of iconic moped and helmet.

Magnificent nature experience in the beautiful Mols Bjerge.

A beer or water.

We drive along small winding roads around the hilly terrain.

On the moped you come into close contact with the diverse nature. Feel the rush for yourself when you drive around the beautiful area on the iconic moped. Even though the mopeds are from the 70s, they drive easily up and down the hilly landscape.

Book a guided tour online

Come with on a fantastic moped tour. A nature experience you won’t soon forget. We ride on iconic old mopeds from the 70s.

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