Friday d. 22 March.

Moped tours on nationwide German TV.

This morning when I checked my mail, there was an email from a German, he had booked a moped trip in Mols Bjerge, but would like to cancel the trip and have the money back if possible. I thought, well, that was a shame, because I would like to have more foreign tourists.

I called him and said that according to my rules/rules he could only get half of the money refunded because there was less than a month until the trip. He said it was ok.

I asked him where he had found out about Mopedtours, he said he had seen a broadcast on TV. I asked where? and if you could find the broadcast, he replied that he could send me a link to YouTube where I could watch it.

I told him he got all the money back and then he promised me to share the link on instagram and facebook.

The broadcast is from the summer of 2023. It was a good day together with the German TV team. It is not more hours on TV, but it is shown to several million German TV viewers, and it is great advertising for Mopedtours.

I would like to thank Mogens, who was the man with the connection to ARD, of course also a big thank you to Maria who quickly got people for the trip.

Click the link and watch the broadcast, Mopedtours enters the broadcast after 22 minutes. After the moped ride, the broadcast continues to Ebeltoft.

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