Discover our iconic mopeds from the 70s at Mopedtours. We ride Yamaha FS1 4 gears and other classics that bring back memories from when Dad was young. Read about our decision to give our mopeds names and numbers, inspired by a time as an active women’s soccer coach. Discover the stories behind the naming of our mopeds, which honor some of our old players. Be part of the nostalgic journey with Mopedtours today.

Pictures and description of mopeds

Moped tours ride on iconic old mopeds from the 70s, “when dad was young”.

You can have Suzuki, you must have Yamaha.

We of course ride Yamaha fs1 4 gears, but we also have some mopeds without gears.

What should the mopeds be called?

I have really thought a lot about whether the mopeds should have names and numbers or both.

I have come to the conclusion that they should have both, but what should I call them?

Here is a little story about why and what they should be called.

When I was young and between 15 and 20 years old, I had many different mopeds, and they were all cool in their own way.

It was a fantastic good time that many can nod in recognition of, it was a time that we/I cannot and will not forget, the mopeds were a symbol of our youth.

After the moped era came another exciting chapter in my life, it was also a time that I cannot and will not forget,

My girlfriend played football in Løsning IF, and of course I watched all her matches. One day, Herluf’s coach showed up at our apartment, and suddenly I was an assistant coach.

The subsequent approx. For 20 years I was active in women’s football, and here I have trained some of the best players in Denmark, and met many exciting and nice people.

This is where the mopeds come into the picture, I will name my mopeds after some of my old players and at the same time I will write a few words about them.

It is not necessarily the best players I mention, but it is someone who has made an impression.

I will not christen all the mopeds at once, it will be done over some time.

Claudia I had the honor of training in Løsning IF. She was tactically good, physically strong and lightning fast.

She was always playing offside, which was quite a task as our games were without a linesman, but she rarely missed, and if she did, she ran up the free runner herself and averted the situation, then the referee got a turn, because when Claudia raised her arm , then there was offside.

As written, Claudia was lightning fast.

I remember an U20 match we played against Silkeborg. Their striker was called Lene Jensen and played on the U21 national team.

Silkeborg played all the time with jabs and high long balls, if the offside wasn’t whistled, Claudia just ran Lene up, she didn’t get a foot on the ground.

I’ll never forget that night, it was a huge fight by Claudia who didn’t know who Lene was.

Lene was a talent and one of the fastest national team players Denmark has had, she reached 109 A-National matches.

We won the match 2-0.

Claudia was a star on our team.

I named moped no. 2 Bine. Press the link and hear a little about Bine.

Some of the players I’ve had follow a bit on this page, and several have said that I would like to name a moped after them. Over the course of 20 years, I’ve had an incredible number of nice and fantastic players, but unfortunately I can’t name them all, because I currently only have 13 mopeds.

On my coaching journey, I also came across Thisted FC, where I had some unforgettable good years.

We had a fantastically good team, with many profiles and one of them was Stobbe.

She was physically strong, someone who tackled through, she ran a lot, she was smart, had an overview and was technically good, she could play all midfield positions, but in my opinion best as central midfield and defensive midfield.

The only thing Stobbe perhaps lacked to become an A-National team player was a little speed.

As far as I remember, she played on several U-National teams, and then she also played for HEI, the best women’s team at the time.

But I also remember Stobbe as more than just a good footballer, she was the focal point, she brought the team together both on and off the pitch, she was a fantastic social person, someone everyone could love.

When we had to play away from home, it wasn’t just a short trip of an hour by bus, Thisted is outside the country legally and there is no motorway, it was often early morning late evening.

Stobbe just brought his guitar, and then we sang and had fun all the way to the match, and on the way home there was usually singing and a good atmosphere too, because we were good at winning. 🙂

My first impression of the new player who appeared during the summer break was the following.

She was humble, quiet, smiling and very polite, but at the same time naive and devoid of self-confidence.

After some training I asked her what she thought about it all. she replied that it was ok, but she probably thought the other players were good and much better than her.

I assured her that she would probably get after it and I also said, you are much better than you think. 🙂

After a few matches she was a permanent member of the team and during the autumn she became more and more integrated and her performances just got better and better.

A few months later, when we started the tournament in the spring, the players and I had chosen Mette Eskesen as captain.

Her development on the court and from being naive and without confidence to being a strong and respected profile in the team was simply impressive. She was too wild. 🙂

Mette had not played in the best women’s team, nor had she been around various U-National teams like many of her teammates. She wasn’t a technical whiz, maybe she could take 20 on her feet? Nor was she wildly fast, or physically stronger than the others. She could and had a bit of everything.

In terms of tactics and understanding of the game, there were also some shortcomings at the start.

I remember she came up to me after a long time and said, that’s great Knotti, now I finally understand the playing style and training, there’s a common thread.

Ha ha, it was actually a bit funny, but it also gave me food for thought, because it could be me who didn’t understand how to explain it to her. 🙂

Mette was a good stable player who always went to the front.

But beyond that, Mette just had something that no one else had, when she said something everyone listened. On the field, she led the way and inspired the others to follow.

Socially, she was completely unique, she was the focal point of the team, everyone wanted to be near her.

She had a great personality and an infectious smile that made her a unique person that everyone loved. She could make everyone overachieve.

For me, Mette ended up being the biggest profile of all, she made a huge impression, I will never forget her.

Mette was called Eske, and it must be moped NO. 5 hot.

In Løsning IF we had 3 good forwards, twice Marianne and Henriette.

Henriette was not on any U-national teams, she just played handball and soccer, which she was good at.

She was actually much better than anyone knew, she didn’t even know how good she was and neither did I.

Yes, I could see that Henriette was very good, but I did not know that she was a super star striker. I didn’t do that, because I didn’t have anyone to compare her to, since Løsning IF was the first team I coached.

But now, many years later, I just have to state and say, she was just good, she could have played forward in all the teams I coached, and maybe who knows, she could have gone all the way?

Henriette was not the best technician but for her size she was physically strong and she was quick, most importantly she had a nose for the goal, she always scored.

She is the only female striker I can remember who scored many goals with a stiff toe, she just cracked it a stiff toe, it is and was just so effective, the goalkeepers never had time to react, that was a great weapon she had there. 🙂

Henriette scored between 35 and 40 goals in both of the 2 seasons I coached LIF, i.e. almost 80 goals.

She was called Henry, and so must Yamaha NO. 6 hot.

In Vejlby IK we got a lot of players from outside, and I thought we had a good handle on the West Jutland clubs who supplied quite a few players to VIK.

One of them was Inge Lund, she came from a small town and club south of Holstebrügge called Grønbjerg.

Grønbjerg had a good team that also played in the Danmarksserien just like us.

Inge has never been on various national teams, nor was she a permanent member of Else’s team in Grønbjerg, which I absolutely did not understand, but luckily she moved to Århus to work and play football in VIK 🙂

Our troupe welcomed Inge with open arms and in her West Jutland, down-to-earth manner and warm humor, she joined the team from day one.

On the pitch, Inge wasn’t exactly the first to be noticed, but if the opponents’ coach and attackers hadn’t talked about Inge, and they just thought she just had to get over it, then they were badly disappointed.

Inge was the security herself, she was very stable, she made a rare mistake, for me she was a huge profile, she was the first one I wrote on the team card, I can’t think of any defender I have had who was better than her.

I know you can’t compare men’s and women’s teams, but I do it anyway.

Who was the fastest player on the Danish men’s national team in the 80s, most people will immediately say John Sivebæk, but no, I asked Piontek, it was Morten Olsen, you just didn’t see him as a fast runner.

It was exactly the same with Inge Lund, she was lightning quick but you didn’t notice her.

Ha ha now I know Litter and Mosgaard are thinking, she wasn’t faster than me. 🙂

When we were on the bus home after an away game, we were good at celebrating our victory. Inge had her very own victory ritual, she went to the bottom of her football bag, where she found a bottle of port wine, which she generously distributed to those who wanted to enjoy a little one with her.

Inge made a huge positive impression both as a person and as a player.

Cracked NO.7. must be called Inge.

I was also a coach in Sabro/Tilst in the mid-20s, and there I had the honor of coaching some talented and nice players.

Anne Høj was a striker and in my opinion the team’s biggest profile, she was lightning fast and extremely dangerous to score, she was also a club person, she was there for the team and the club.

I don’t think Anne has been on any national team, but in my opinion she could have been in any Elitedivision squad in Denmark.

Anne was the biggest profile, but she was also the sweetest person, everyone liked her, she really made an impression on me.

moped No. 8. Must be called Anne Høj.

Vores anføre i Løsning IF var Helle Laursen, hun var måske det største talent af dem alle, vi vidste det bare ikke, grunden til, at jeg ikke vidste det, var jo fordi, LIF var mit første hold. Jeg fandt dog hurtig ud af, at Helle var vigtig for mig og holdet. 

Helle kunne det hele, ok teknik, god med hovedet, sparkede med begge ben, hurtig, fysisk stærk, kunne løbe solen sort, taktisk god, tog ansvar og gik forrest, og hun var en god kammerat.

Helle var TALENTET, alle træners drøm, hun er den type der er god til alt sport, bare ærgerligt at Helle aldrig prøvede, at gå hele vejen, man kan ikke sige til Helle som jounerlisten sagde til Karsten Rene Christensen, “du har svinet med dit talent” for jeg tror ikke Helle vidste, hvor god hun var.

Til afslutningsfesten efter vi vandt det Jyske Mesterskab, holdte Helle en for mig uforglemmelig tale.

Helle gjorde kæmpe indtryk derfor skal knallert NO.9. hedde Helle Lauersen.

Snart bliver den næste knallert døbt.

Snart bliver den næste knallert døbt.

Snart bliver den næste knallert døbt.

Snart bliver den næste knallert døbt.

Snart bliver den næste knallert døbt.

Snart bliver den næste knallert døbt.

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